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July 14, 2019
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Quality Pods

An E.S.E. or ESE pod (Easy Serving Espresso) is a pre-ground and pre-portioned serving of coffee enclosed in an environmentally friendly paper filter satchel.

Unlike many capsules that are designed for specific pod machines, the ESE system is universal and is the worldwide industry standard for single serve espresso.
Any pod that meets the ESE standard can be used in any machine that is ESE compatible.

Many coffee roasters such as Borbone, Illy or Lavazza and machine manufacturers such as Spinel, Sunbeam or De Longhi adopt the ESE pod system, making them compatible with one another.

Italian Coffee Systems has put together an exclusive and competitive ESE package for the most demanding customers in Amsterdam.

The Spinel Pod machines, jewel of the category, are among the most reliable and consistent. I.C.S. offers this pod machine brand in conjunction with the unique and unmistakable blends of Borbone Coffee.
The perfect coffee is made easy and it is only a click away!!!

Fast Clean
A ESE coffee pods coffee is ready in as little as 20″. No more grinding and tamping. Using the latest technologies, coffee is portioned and tamped in individual bags under controlled conditions that preserve the flavour and the aroma of the best Italian Espresso. No more mess around while preparing your coffee. And cleaning the machine is just as easy. After making a coffee just extract the pod and the machine is ready for another coffee!
Easy Biodegradable
The knowledge of experienced roaster and brewers is transferred for you into each single pod. The perfect Italian Espresso is now only one click away. Unlike plastic and aluminum coffee capsules, ESE coffee and tea pods are completely biodegradable. The natural filter bag guarantees that no pollutants or residuals are produced during brewing.
Consistent Versatile
ESE Coffee Packages pod system eliminates the human-factor bringing the Espresso-making experience into a new dimension of cup-to-cup consistency. Your coffee will taste amazingly the same every day! Unlike a traditional coffee machine, an ESE pod machine pod machine can be used with a wide range of products ESE Coffe Pods (coffee, flavored coffee, Teas and infusion teas, herbal and fruit infusions).
Fresh Cost Efficient
Borbone, with scrupulous attention to quality control, pack just the right amount of coffee immediately after grinding into individual pods under a controlled and oxygen-free environment that avoids any processes of oxidation and preserves the freshness and aroma of a just-ground coffee for up to two years. The pod system offers a number of advantages compared to the traditional coffee machines that bring its real value up to an unbeated level. No more waste during grinding, no more grinding at all and the quantity of coffee always optimized to brew the best coffee every time.