About US



Italian Coffee Systems was born some years ago as a sales and distribution company for coffee.
From the very beginning, our chief goal has always been to provide the best possible service at a great price, and without neglecting quality.

Italian Coffee Systems is oriented towards the distribution of coffee and espresso machines, and aims to provide customers with personalized solutions, authentic “Made In Italy” quality and affordable prices.
It seemed only natural then, to collaborate with Bourbon Caffe.

This company was founded in Naples (Italy) in 1997 and has, since then, expressed coffee as a ritual and moment of pure pleasure, using only high-quality coffee, creamy and product mixtures, created from the best coffee beans.

Italian Coffee Systems distributes Bourbon coffee in all formats: capsules, pods and beans.

We have also partnered with companies which specialize in the production of espresso coffee machines, such as Didiesse and Spinel .The latter are characterized by their extreme reliability, versatility, durability, speed and amazing ease-of-use. We feel that these high quality espresso machines are the perfect accompaniment to our offering of coffee, combining to create a truly memorable product.

We are fully aware that a good coffee requires an equally good espresso machine, and therefore provide our customers with professional coffee extraction systems that allow them to fully enjoy the fragrance and flavor of our delicious coffee.
Complimenting this, we also offer a ‘spare parts’ and repair service for most coffee machines.

Italian Coffee Systems passion and mission, is to bring the best Italian Espresso to your home.



On the 10th of May 1734 AD, legend has it that Charles of Borbone, ruler of Naples and King of Spain, before arriving in Naples stopped at the monastery of the Minimi Friars just outside Porta Capuana.

He had the desire to taste the dark beverage with the robust and distinct aroma of which he had been told. This brew was rumored to possess certain properties that would strengthen both body and soul.

The friars had gone to great lengths to prepare the beverage for the new king, for they wanted to please him.

It is believed that this was the period during which the Neapolitan style of preparing coffee was born.

Two hundred and fifty years later, as technology changed and has transformed how coffee is made, the passion and attentiveness to the preparation of real coffee in the Neapolitan way is better and more improved than ever.

Napolitans are still known for preparing the finest and richest tasting cup of espresso in the world.